Looking for Something Completely Unique for Your Event?


Our mobile food studio kitchen is the future of catering. Our hip & modern studio will arrive at your door serving your guests customized gastronomical experiences with style and originality like you’ve never seen before.

The infamous food truck that has long brought affordable food to the street has now been replaced with our trendy and customizable gourmet food trailer.

The look is indeed a cut above the rest. Its sleek black styling and personalized marquees are head turners. The outside boasts good looks, but the inside is a pure state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchen. Pizza ovens, fryers, grill, stove and high tech refrigeration/freezer allow us to create anything only limited by your imagination!

Treat your guests to an incredible experience, one that will be remembered as the greatest tasting and most #hastagged ever!


The Food Studio is culinary excellence and will inspire those looking for innovation in catering. Specializing in the unique collaboration of customized cuisine, personalized event planning and service beyond expectation, let us bring the art of entertaining to a venue of your choice, whether it is for 10 or 5000 guests.