I wish I could relive the whole wedding all over again and capture and savour every moment of it.  From the moment we arrived at the Grand Luxe, everything ran practically like clock work with all your expertise and direction.  The feedback I got was  beyond complimentary – everyone loved what was served and the comments from guests were unbelievable. The ambiance was perfection and just from walking through the front doors, people thought the place was beautiful.  Our American guests (family) thought the lobby itself was spectacular. The entire set-up inside with the flowers, candles, lighting, etc. was everything we had hoped for and, speaking for myself, it was indescribable.  Everything was coordinated and organized flawlessly.  The service, food, you name it was fantastic.  The comments from everyone who I spoke to or who came up to me were unbelievable and made me feel so good, happy and proud.  So many guests said that Joanna’s wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to;  they loved everything about the entire venue: appearance, music, lighting, food, drinks, desserts, coordination of speeches, timing of everything with no delays, etc.  It was indeed heartwarming. Thank you very much for co-ordinating everything and making sure that everything ran like we had  planned.  Your team was beyond helpful and very courteous; they touched base with me a few times just to make sure everything was good.  Again and again I heard that this was the best wedding that people had been to & I agree 100%.  It was truly a magical evening, thank you very much for everything & please thank your team.  All of your efforts and hard work was evident right down to the last detail and this is greatly appreciated. Mary (mother of the bride) – July 8th 2017